Monday, 21 March 2016

Mr Scrooge

Can the UK ever have had a government more like Mr Scrooge and Mr Marley? David Cameron must hide his head in the sand when he talks about compassionate conservatism and all being in this together. They take money from the poor and least able in society and give it to the rich. Why do rich people always want more rather than give their share? They are the ones who moan about scroungers on benefits while making sure they do not pay their share of taxes. Cameron makes sure that the rich do not have to bear the burden of austerity. It is the rich who complain about having to increase the minimum wage. If they gave up their million pound bonuses they could employ another 20 people in their business. I know we have to earn money before it can be given out but they are earning money. The only trouble is that the other side is just as bad in the other direction!
In An Ordinary Life by Edmund Gubbins this question among others is explored.