Tuesday, 8 March 2016

For The Love of Pauline by Eddie Gubbins

The second proof copy of my thriller " For the Love of Pauline" arrived and I have done the proof reading. It has now been approved and is available for sale from Amazon and Createspace.

It has been six years since Ken Flood helped his brother Norman by spying on a Mr Johnson in Mengambwe while Ken was there organising a short course. When he returned home his daughter Pauline was kidnapped by Mr Johnson's daughters. They demanded Ken in return for his daughter's release. Because of this situation, Ken's wife Doreen obtained an injunction banning him from having any contact with his other daughter Tracy or Doreen. His daughter Pauline dies as a result of taking contaminated drugs while at a night club. After an investigation it is apparent that the police either cannot do anything to bring the perpetrators to justice or are not interested. Ken sets out to find out who supplied the drugs which killed his daughter. He is drawn into the unfamiliar world of drug dealers, extortion and people trafficking. He calls for help from his brother but thy soon become the target of international criminals. Determined to find out who killed Ken's daughter, Ken and Norman ignore the dangers and fight their way through this underworld.

For the Love of Pauline available as a paperback from Amazon and www.createspace.com

Third novel involving Ken and Norman Flood following Brotherly Love and A Legacy from Mary