Friday, 17 November 2017

The Prisoner of Parison a fantasy novel by Eddie Gubbins

The Prisoner of Parison a fantasy novel by Eddie Gubbins, Book 3 of the Rombuli Saga trilogy.

Edward Eastland and his friends Tag and Boric have gone in search of Covenenters Nomal and Rembert. Now all that was left was for the Rombuli army to retreat back to the defensible positions on the Alskar River. Grand Master Silker, the Commander of the army, had said when the plan was formulated, " We do not have enough trained soldiers to do anything about a direct attack on the enemy. With odds of something like twelve to one, we can do nothing ultimately to stop their advance. All we can do is hope that Nelvask and Latask can hold them up with their power at the Alskar River. The other thing we can do is leave some people behind their lines to harass their backs and hit their supply dumps. I have to admit it is not much of a strategy but it is the only one I can come up with at short notice. Desperate times call for desperate methods. I know it is a delaying tactic, hoping that something to help us will come up in the future.  If I am honest with myself I can see little hope of it succeeding."
Deep down in their sub consciences Nelvask, Latask and Silker all know what is proposed is suicide but it is all that can be done until somebody leads a party to Parison to rescue the leader of the Covenent, Tulka. He has been imprisoned by the invading Black Elves. With his magic and the rest of the Covenent there has to be a chance in any confrontation with the Black Elves.
After their dispute with Edward Eastland, the elves of the Golden City stir in their forest hideaway with the plan of helping the humans in their fight.
The question on all the defenders of Rombulis' minds is who will lead this assault on Parison? Will it be an all out assault or a clandestine mission? Where, they ask, is Edward Eastland and if he returns will he be able to use his power in the rescue attempt to free Tulka?
The situation is desperate. The enemy appear to have more troops and stronger magic. Will Nelvask find Edward in time and will the elves of the Golden City really come to the aid of the humans?

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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Problem gambling

At last the government of the UK has started to take notice of the danger to society and families of gambling addiction. Even though the lowering of the max stake on fixed odds gambling machines in betting shops is a beginning maybe the government should look at a complete ban. I know the betting shop owners will bleat about putting them out of business. Should they be in that business in the first place? Is it not morally wrong to make a profit from other people's misery.?
In fact should the government go for broke and ban all betting adverts and betting company sponsorship. There was an outcry when smoking adverts were banned but that was accepted after a while. Sports bodies found other sponsors and advertising.
Let there be an out cry against publicity for gambling.
In my thriller Ken Flood gets involved in the fight against drugs, gambling and people smuggling after his daughter is killed by taking contaminated drugs.
For The Love Of Pauline by Eddie Gubbins.

Monday, 30 October 2017

The Return of the Exile by Eddie Gubbins

The Return of the Exiles
The Empire  is disintegrating. There has been no communication with the capital, Parison, for years. People report. Strange creatures have been seen in different parts of the Empire. Sending troops to investigate. Has proved futile.  As soon as they cross the border of Sandaria noting is heard from them again. As rumours  of invasion of Sandaria and Rombuli circulate, there is a plan formulated to try to hold onto some of Rombuli while somebody was sent to find out what was happening. Edward Eastland agreed to find out what happening to the Walloonian Army and set out to find the battle front at a place called Bryant's Ridge. He has to leave his new wife Kitty when he leaves with his friend Tag and Kitty's brother Boric. In the ecvent they become cut off from Rombuli. Edward accompanied by Tag and Boiric set out to find a way back to Rombuli by a circuitous route. Edward wonders whether his power, or magic as Tag calls it, will help them and keep them safe. Will he be able to learn of the extent of his powers? Are there forces it's greater power waiting to prevent him reaching his goal? Will his friends keep following his lead no matter what the dangers he leads them into? As they set out they have to face the possibility that the Empire will no longer exist if they manage to return.

The Return of the Exiles, Book 2 of the Rombuli Saga fantasy trilogy by Eddie Gubbins.

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Teacher of the Rombuli by Eddie Gubbins

The Teacher of the Rombuli a fantasy novel by Eddie Gubbins. Book 1 of the fantasy trilogy The Rombuli Saga.
Edward Eastland lives in an obscure country, Rombuli, on the edge of the Parison Empire. He is the son of the most powerful and wealthy man in Alaskar Province of Rombuli, Idris Eastland. For centuries the small nation of Rombulihas been bowed under the yoke of the Imperial Army. The Emperor and the Imperial High Families are maintained in control of the Empire by the mysterious group of magicians called the Covenent.
Soon after Edward has his first encounter with Kitty, the daughter of the Imperial military governor of Rombuli, the Emperor plans a visit to this outlying province of his Empire. In Alaskar town Edward confronts a Covenenterby using his magic but has to back down.
Edward is taken to Nimmar, the capital of Rombuli and is forced to question the dichotomy of his hate for the Empire but his regard for some of the Imperial servants.
Follow Edward on his journey of discovery about the history of Rombuli, attempts to match his magic to that of the Covenent and searches for the ancient Teacher of the Rombuli,the magician Nelvask who has not been seen for over one hundred years.
Book 2 The Return of the Exiles and Book 3 The Prisoner of Parison follow.
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Monday, 11 September 2017

For The Love Of Pauline by Eddie Gubbins

A thriller by Eddie Gubbins " For the Love of Pauline."
It's is six years since Ken Flood helped his brother in Mengambi, ( A Legacy from Mary). After his daughter Pauline was kidnapped and exchanged for Ken, his wife had asked him to leave their home and obtained an injunction banning him from having any contact with his daughters or his wife. Ken is heart broken but lives in hope that Doreen and he will resume their life together.
Doreen phones one day to tell Ken his daughter Pauline is in hospital suffering from a drugs overdose. That night she dies from taking contaminated drugs not an overdose.  The police can do nothing to apprehend thge drug dealers because of the lack of evidence.
Ken sets out too find out who supplied the drugs which killed his daughter. He is soon on the fringes of the unfamiliar world of drug dealers and people traffickers. He ghetto help from his brother Norman but they soon become the target of international criminals. Determined to find out who killed Pauline, Ken and Norman ignore the dangers and try to navigate their way through the underworld.
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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

A Legacy From Mary by Eddie Gubbins

A Legacy From Mary, a thriller from Eddie Gubbins.
Ken flood is an academic and events in ther wider world are only periferal to his life. He watched the news and knew what was reported but in a second hand way. Then his friends Joshua and ~Mary died in suspicious circumstances. In reality the only connection between them was a country called Mengambi. Joshua was a Mengambian studying for his PhD supervised by Ken. Mary published joint research papers with Ken and organised and lectured on short course in Mengambi. Suddenly Ken became caught up in the game of power being played out in Mengambi when he agreed to take Mary's place teaching on the short course in Mengambi. What. He needed to find out was if there was  more to his friends deaths than reported by the police.
The story follows Ken's attempts to survive ther dichotomy of the pressure from his employed in Mengambi, the request from his brother Norman to gather information and his need to find out what really happened to his friends Joshua and Mary.
He had vowed that he would never become involved with his broither's murky world or work for Commander Sturgess again. He recalled the smile on the Commander's lips when he had told him as much. Now he was back in that world but he needed their help.
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Transport objectives

Society especially in this country appears to have lost sight of the fundamental of transport in all the fanfares over big projects.
The function of transport is simple. In the case of passengers its is to enable people to travel from one plaice to another. For goods it is to enabler a person or company to send their goods from one place to another.
The questions on that has to be asked is why do people and goods want to move. People travel to reach a place where they would rather be for reasons of pleasure or business. Goods are transported from one place to another to enable them to be sold for a higher price.
This poses the question of whether people in general enjoy transport. If most people could step into a box in their living room and be instantly transported to their destinations most people would jump at the chance. People use transport to satisfy desires and needs for other things. `This is termed the derived demand for transport. Transp[ort enables people to satisfy desires for other things by taking them or their goods from one place to a place where they would rather be.
What do the consumers of transport services wish to buy? The answer can be defined as a seat, a cabin or freight space. What in reality is the passenger or freight shipper wanting from transport? People use transport because they have little choice.The passenger has to sacrifice both money and time to make a journey. What they want from transport is to arrive sat their destination so that they can satisfy their desire for business, leisure our selling their goods. It is the arrival that the operator is selling. This is not enough. The arrival must be accomplished safely so that passengers arrive uninsured, goods undamaged.
The service mix of speed, reliability, comfort and frequency depends to a large extent on the quality of the service offered for which the consumer is willing to pay. ~The consumers needs become paramount when designing a service.
This is an extract from my book Managing Transport Operations. It is something I think has been lost in all the debate on transport policy over the last decade since I retired.
Edmund J Gubbins. FCILT, retired transport lecturer.