Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Prisoner of Parison

Book 3 of my fantasy trilogy The Rombuli Saga,  The Prisoner of Parison has been published as a paperback with createspace. I am waiting for the review copy to arrive for me to approve.  When that is done it will be available for purchase from and and will join Book 1 The Teacher of the Rombuli and Book 2 The Prisoner of Parison as a paperback.
The Prisoner of Parison :Edward and his friends had gone. Now all that was left was for the Rombuli army to retreat back to the Alskar River. Silker the leader of the army had said “ We do not have enough trained soldiers to do anything about a direct attack on the enemy. With odds of twelve to one, we can do nothing to ultimately to stop their advance. I took the liberty of looking at the way the Imperial Army conquered Rombuli and I can see no difference in the situation we face now. The invasion was on three fronts. The Imperial Army came in three waves, one across the lake, one across the ford and one across the bridge in the north in a pincer movement towards the Rock. The Sardonians and the Rombuli armies fell back and only committed themselves to a pitch battle on the plain before the Rock assisted by Nelvask and his magicians. As I see things we can only follow similar tactics, though with so few soldiers, any pitched battle is doomed. If we have to make a stand, it will either have to be outside Nimmar in Derek's Gap or at the Alskar River by Alskar Town. All we can do is hope that Nelvask and Latask can hold them up with their power at these places. The other thing we can do is to leave some men behind to harass their backs and hit their supply lines in the same way as the Rombuli did under Derek Gorland's leadership. It almost worked for them even though the Imperial Army vastly out numbered their troops and were highly trained. I must admit, it is not much of a strategy but it is the only one I can come up with at short notice. Desperate times call for desperate methods. I know it is really a delaying tactic, hoping that something will come up. I can see little hope of it succeeding."

Deep down they all know it is suicide but all that can be done until somebody leads a party to Parison to rescue the prisoner Tulka. He is the leader of the magician faction called the Covenent but imprisoned by the Black Elves. With his magic and the rest of the Covenent there might be a chance of confronting the Black Elves. The elves of the Golden City stir in their forest after being confronted by Edward and agree to help the humans.
Who will lead the assault on Parison or will it be a clandestine mission? Where is Edward Eastland and will he be able to use his power in rescuing Tulka?
The situation is desperate. The enemy appears to have much stronger magic and more soldiers. Will Nelvask find Edward in time and will the elves of the Golden City help in freeing Tulka?

I will inform everybody when the paperback is available for you all to purchase.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tales from the Sea

I have published my novel Tales From The Sea as a paperback with Createspace and am waiting for the Review copy to arrive.
It is also available for download for all ereaders from kindle at or and smashwords. at