Friday, 27 April 2012

EddieGubbins: Seb Coe is wrong

EddieGubbins: Seb Coe is wrong: What is Seb Coe on about? I thought the Olympics in London was an opportunity to display British products and way of life. Then I hear that ...

Seb Coe is wrong

What is Seb Coe on about? I thought the Olympics in London was an opportunity to display British products and way of life. Then I hear that the Olympic bell is to be made in Holland. It might be a contract thing but would any other country allow this to happen? Can you imagine the Americans, French, the `Germans or the Dutch allowing this to happen? If the bell foundry in London could not do the job they should have given it ti Taylors of Loughborough. In addition, the main sponsors are American and the Olympic village is to be run by an American company.
But I suppose this is not new. There is the trains going to a German Company. We are going to get a great many wind farms but the turbines are made by a non British Company.
Is it a case of us playing by the rules while everybody else finds ways round the rules?

Friday, 20 April 2012

Running after Maria

Running After Maria

Running After Maria my tragic romance novel.

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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Are we stupid?

Politicians in the UK at the moment appear to think that we the ordinary citizens are stupid. The budget was depicted as a piece of legislation which took from the rich to give to the poor. From my reading of the detail this is not the case.
The the Chancellor told us that he had no idea of the depths of tax avoidance by the rich. He has to be joking. These are the people he mixes with all the time. They are the same people he went to school and then university with. They are in the main part of the Oxbridge mafia which holds this country as a place which the control. Does he honestly believe that  we have no brains with which to think. He should be honest and tell us that he has realised that ordinary people believe that the rich are getting away with things.
Next politicians tell us that the public sector workers are doing better than the private sector. Therefore there have to be curbs on public sector pay. I did not hear many of the same politicians shouting about the way public sector pay had fallen behind the private sector all those years I was working.
Finally there are so called philanthropists. I thought philanthropy was the act of using your resources to help those worse off than oneself. It appears that many rich individuals use the tax system to benefit themselves while claiming to be helping society. That means the little old lady who gives her small amount to charity from her pension is a fool in the eyes of all these so called philanthropists.
The ordinary citizen can only shake his or her head in wonder!