Friday, 14 November 2014

Running After Maria

I think you might like my  Tragic Romance Novel : 

Running after Maria

Published as an ebook for downloading at:, for Kindle at Amazon and as a paperback through or Amazon

James Ashleigh lives the perfect life.  He is happy. He was doing what he loved. Sailing the oceans but having plenty of opportunities to take part in the ritual of the chase, as Bill his friend called the pursuit of women. He has plenty of money, he was meeting of women and there was  plenty of drink. Life is carefree because he is not tied to one place or one person. 
Then he meets Maria in Finland and life changes. This novel charts the progress of those changes and the twisting path of James' life. He looked forward to arriving in Helsinki and love making like he had never know before.  For reasons which James did not fully understand, Maria did not want to marry
This is the story of one man’s descent into depression after tragedy strikes, his anger at other people trying to help and his redemption in the arms of somebody who admired the dedication of other people who try to help. It explores the question of whether a person can really be saved after a devastating loss especially of somebody that person loves deeply? Does not their world and the will to live end?

If you like it tell all your friends about it.

Eddie Gubbins