Monday, 28 May 2012

EddieGubbins: The Teacher of the Rombuli

EddieGubbins: The Teacher of the Rombuli: THE TEACHER OF THE ROMBULI a fantasy novel by Eddie Gubbins Book 1 of the Rombuli Saga Edward Eastland lives in an obscure country...

The Teacher of the Rombuli

a fantasy novel by Eddie Gubbins
Book 1 of the Rombuli Saga

Edward Eastland lives in an obscure country of the Parison Empire son of the most powerful man in Alskar Province, Idris Eastland. For over a century, the small nation of the Rombuli has been bowed down under the yoke of the Parison Empire and the Imperial Army,. The Emperor and the Imperial High families are maintained in power by the mysterious group of magicians called the Covenent. 
Soon after Edward meets Kitty the daughter of the Imperial Army Commander, the Emperor plans a visit to this distant Province of his Empire. In Alskar Town Square he confronts a Covenenter using his power but has to back down.
Edward is taken to Nimmar the capital of Rombuli and is forced to confront the dichotomy of his hate for the Empire but his love and friendship for some of the Imperial servants? 
Follow Edward as he learns more of the secrets of the Rombuli, attempts to confront the Covenent as he learns more of his power and searches for the ancient Teacher of the Rombuli, Nelvask, who has not been seen for over one hundred years.
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Sunday, 20 May 2012


Brotherly Love 

This is my thriller
It is a story of fear, of somebody out of their depth in a world made strange, of chance encounters with people willing to help, of finding hidden depths behind a placid exterior and of the extent which loyalty to ones family can led on down paths best left unexplored.

Ken Flood lived a quiet life with his wife and two daughters in Plymouth, working as a lecturer in the University, minding his own business and relatively happy and content. Out of loyalty to his brother he enters a world for which he has no experience. On the run from enemies he does not know, fearful and scared out of his mind. Running, moving, never staying in one place, not knowing to whom to turn for help. Never sure which men or women are on his side or against him. Not even sure of which side his brother is on. Wondering whether his brother his using him for purposes he has no control over. In the end, doubting his brother's motives.


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Back to the dark ages.

I have no idea why this came to me while sitting in church. There was a sermon about Christian Aid and how we can help those less well off than us. This is a good idea if we help other people to help themselves as is the philosophy of Christian Aid. A great deal of aid fills me with thoughts of why we do this. So many rich people in these countries make no attempt to help the poor. So much aid gets syphoned off into the pockets of corrupt politicians. But we feel we have to help. In the end if some good comes of aid then we have to put up with the corruption or so my head tells me.
That is not what I was thinking about however. It was when the talk started about feeding the hungry and stopping global warming or harm to the environment. That morning somebody from friends of the earth had been on the radio casting cold water on any developments.
They disparage the use of GM modified crops when there is no evidence of harm and plenty of evidenc eto support the increase in yeilds. If we are to feed an increasing population, then we need to follow up any chance to help farmers overcome problems. They then critisise the use of pesticides to control bugs and deseases. They cannot have things both ways.
They shout about the use of hydrocarbon fuels and its effect on the environment but then oppose all attempts to replace these fuels. Every time somebody proposes wind turbines there is an anti action group in place. They even oppose the use of an incinerator to burn waste. The proposals are that the incinerator will produce electricity for the local area. In addition they complain about the use of land fill sites. Any solution than changing the way people live is opposed by them. They might like living without modern systems and engineering but the najority of people are quite comfortable with this.
Make air travel more expensive so that people will find alternatives, they cry. But this will impact the poorer sections of society but not the wealthy. In the same way as the wealthy find ways to avoid paying tax, the rich will still fly without any thought of those priced out of the market.
What can be done? I do think that the government could be more proactive. They exhort us ordinary citizens to go green by having more efficient boilers, insulated homes and solar panels. Every government building should have solar panels on the roof or mini wind turbines. Surely this would go a long way towards cutting the use of hydrocarbon fuels.
Then wind turbines could be sited on industrial estates like the ones off the M1 near Daventry.
I feel better after that rant.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

An Ordinary Life by Edmund J Gubbins

Money laundering is illegal. Even Tom Houseman knows that. He, as an academic, makes a distinction between helping somebody to set up legitimate business and the source of the money.
The novel follows the life of Tom Houseman. From his early childhood on the edge of a hard council estate to eminent Professor with a worldwide reputation and great wealth. The story explores the manner in which most people regard themselves as honest and law abiding although there are times and circumstances when they ignore the rules of behaviour or of some moral code. These people justify their actions by ignoring their conscience or making excuses for their behaviour. In extreme cases they give the impression that morality is not an issue in their case.
Tom Houseman has a boyhood friend called Derek from the council estate and, though their paths diverge after junior school, he stays loyal to his friend. Derek becomes the right hand man of the criminal Mr. Big and introduces Edward. During his life, Edward accepts opportunities presented by his friends and his brother. These enhance both his standing in society and his wealth. All the time, he ignores and denies the moral and legal implications of taking advantage of these offers. As time passes, he has to accept the implications of his choices.
Will he finally have to face these hard decisions or will he sail serenely on living, to him, this ordinary life?
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Faith schools

I was thinking the other day about what was happening in England. I know it is not only a problem with the Asian community, the grooming of young girls for sex. But it can be seen as a lack of common community values and norms. This is not only on the Asian side but is a fact across society at certain levels. The comments heard while playing darts in a pub are in many cases pure prejudice.
The way in which different parts of society can begin to understand other parts is through the education system It amazes me that we in Britain have not learnt any lessons. In Northern Ireland here was and is still segregated education system. Catholic children do not mix with protestant. There was no way in which they could start to understand each other until they went away. In many cases once at university, the prejudice vanished. This though only applied to a certain level of society. The working people of Northern Ireland never became integrated.
What should happen in England is to ban all faith based schools and integrate all school children. If religious services Ar a problem they could do what happened when I was at school. The Jews and the Roman Catholics had their service and then joined the rest of the school.
The other factor is to make sure that girls in care are well looked after and supervised better.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

EddieGubbins: A Ceremony Of Innocence

EddieGubbins: A Ceremony Of Innocence: Two brothers are at home on holiday much to the delight of their mother. It was the first time they had been at home together...

A Ceremony Of Innocence

Two brothers are at home on holiday much to the delight of their mother. It was the first time they had been at home together at the same time for several years. Their father is the union convener at the local shipyard and he leads the men out on strike against proposed redundancies at the same time as the brothers arrive home. Though on the surface both brothers support their father, underneath the surface there simmers the stew of disagreement. Mark, the elder brother, is fresh from months at sea as a ships officer and refuses to compromise his upwardly mobile lifestyle or his friends for the sake of family harmony. He lives for the moment and grabs any opportunity for happiness. Jim, freshly graduated from university, supports his father passionately and without question.
Can the brothers find a way to compromise their positions and fulfil their mother’s wish for a happy few weeks or will their anger boil over into open conflict and family break up?

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