Sunday, 27 March 2016

Erotic Novel

Following the explicit sex scenes in my novels A Ceremony Of Innocence and Innocence Exploded which were part of the plot rather than the whole purpose of the novels, I am attempting to write an erotic novel which has sex as its main theme. This is far harder than I thought.
It concerns Tom who has from his teens loved and lusted after Jenny but finds his love unfulfilled. Though always desiring Jenny he subsumes that love in a series of sexual encounters with other women.
The working title is the Affair though this can change.

Two brothers are at home on holiday much to the delight of their mother. It is the first time they have been at home together for several years.Their father is a union convener in the local shipyard and while they are at home he leads the shipyard workers out on strike against the propose redundancies. Though on the surface both brothers support their father, underneath the surface there simmers the stew of disagreement. Mark, the older brother is home fresh from travelling the sea as a ships officer and refuses to compromise his upwardly mobile life for the sake of family harmony. He lives for the moment and grabs any opportunity for happiness. Jim is freshly graduated from university and supports his father passionately without question.
Can the brothers find a way to compromise their positions and fulfil  their mother's wish for a few happy weeks? Will their anger boil over into open conflict and a family break up.

 Having broken off his relationship with his long time girl friend Sue, Mark Brookes sets out to begin a relationship with Jane who he had met in Nottingham while giving his brother Jim a lift back to the university. Jane's father offers him a job in the City of London and the chance to gain further qualifications. It does mean he will have to leave the sea. It also opens up the question of whether he has been offered the post because of Jane or on merit.
He is reminded of why he had split with Sue when he has the chance to make love to Jane's sister. He realises it is his nature to grasp the opportunity for love making which happen to come his way. His dalliance with his brother's girl friend had ended their relationship as well as his and Sue's. He reasons that if Jane does not know, she will not be hurt.
His innocence is exploded on one fateful day.!

Both novels contain scenes of explicit sex.

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