Saturday, 26 March 2016

Another moan!!

Here I go again. It appears rather " do as I say not as I do" from the British prime minister again. Earlier, he was encouraging the British public to take their holidays in the UK instead of in some other country. What graces the front page of the Times this morning? A photograph of David Cameron and family holidaying in Lanzerroti.  It is not that I am envious of the prime minister being able to get away from the cold damp weather of the UK at Easter but the hypocrisy of his remarks. It is another example of a class of people, those who are currently in charge of the country, being out of touch with how most of the population live their lives.
Then there is education! Give schools to all his mates so that they can make money or leave these problem schools in the care of charities with no funds. The whole idea stinks. It is nothing to do with education but a combination of antipathy to local government and greed. They would love to go back to a system which leaves the majority of the population without any chance of advancing themselves so the elite always retain the levers of power. Dickensian situations here we come.