Friday, 18 March 2016

Christianity and sexuality

Christianity and sexuality.

What do Christians mean by bible led as though this means taking what is written in the bible is the words of God? The bible does relate the Christian story and has the message of the way to live our lives stated. What then do we do on a Sunday in Church? We sit and listen to the minister preach about how to interpret the bible passages in the light of the modern age. There are shelves of books of theology interpreting Gods message. Our understanding of the world in which we live expands all the time. It could be said that the rules are laid down and we have to discover them.
When it comes to sexuality some Christians are rigid in their interpretation of the message in the bible. This is to be admired in the way they live with the attitudes of many people, the antagonism and sneering. I think they are wrong to ridicule homosexuals in the way some do. We have learnt that it is genetic. We should welcome our knowledge and show christian love.
But I can hear some people saying that the bible says.... Well the bible says thou shalt not kill but right wing christian republicans in the USA support the death penalty. Theologians have worked out the concept of a just war. Once the church laid down that the earth was flat and persecuted anybody who questioned their policy. In Uganda the church supports the executing of homosexuals. As our knowledge grows how we interpret the message grows.
The most important thing in the christian life is Love Thy God and Love Thy Neighbour Like thyself. That is the message we should be putting all our energy to propagating.
May you all walk hand in hand with the Lord in your journey through life.