Friday, 11 August 2017

Managing Transport Operations by Edmund Gubbins

Managing Transport Operations by Edmund Gubbins one of the best text book on transport management.
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Edmund Gubbins was a lecturer on transport operations before retiring. He undertook consultancy with the UN in east Africa and Nigeria with Shell. As a fellow of the CIT he served on the Council and as an examiner.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Running After Maria by Eddie Gubbins

A tragic romance novel.
James Ashleigh lives to him the perfect life. Plenty of money, plenty of women and plenty of drink to keep him happy. He spends his working time sailing the oceans of the world as an officer on oil tankers. Carefree, he is not tied to one place but visits exotic places around the world. When on leave, he can completely please himself as to what he does. Life is great.
Feeling the need to move from oil tankers, he joins a small company whose ships trade to the Baltic. While the ship is in Helsinki discharging cargo, he meets Maria. His life changes from that point. He is no longer carefree but tied to a place and another person. He starts to look forward with excitement to arriving in Helsinki and her letters when he gets back to London.
The novel charts the progress of those changes, both for good and bad. Through the twisting path of James' life we follow his joy and his despair in his relationship to Maria.
As time passes he wonders whether he will be truly happy again.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Natalia Sikorska

This case illustrates the inherent bias in the English legal system. Natalia Sikorska stole £1000 worth of goods from Harrods.
The magistrate gave her a suspended sentence because she is intelligent and with considerable talents. Whats rubbish. She is a thief and has broken the law.
If she happened to be a black working class woman, she would have been sent to jail! The magistrate would not have said to her " I know you are poor and struggling to get through life so I will be lenient." Lock her up would have been ther cry.
It is a disgrace!