Saturday, 22 July 2017

Drugs in society

Drugs of one sort or another are reported to be prevalent in society at the present time. It is easy for the general public like me who do not have anything to do with drugs other than alcohol to criticise the police for not doing more. They have to have evidence to prosecute and getting that evidence is often difficult. They might be able to arrest the lower ranks of drug pushers but it is those higher up the chain who get harder and harder to pursue. Those people are willing to sacrifice those lower down the chain.
My thriller, For the love of Pauline tackles this problem. When his daughter dies from a batch of contaminated drugs, Ken Flood sets out to find who supplied her with the drugs. With his contacts from his daughter's school that proves easy. All Ken wants at first is to " put the frighteners" on the  supplier. He asks his brother if he can supply Ken with a gun. This prompts his brother Norman to get involved with the surcharge for the drugs supplier. The involvement of his brother
leads Ken on another frightening  journey with his brother through the underworld to find out who ultimately supplied the drugs which killed his daughter. Like before it puts Ken into danger and through situations outside of his academic world where people are prepared to kill to protect their identity. The question he has to ask is will they get the police involved or will they have to take the law into their own hands?
For the Love of Pauline by Eddie Gubbins is available from Amazon, Kindle, createspace and smashwords.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Managing Transport OperationsBy Edmund J Gubbins

Managing Transport Operations by Edmund J Gubbins is one of the best text books covering transport management. Available from publishers Kogan Page or Amazon.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

John McDonnell

how can we trust this man to be in government when he does not believe in the democratic system. Instead of trying to get the government to answer in parliament, all he can do is organise mass anti government rallies. He denies that his intention is to breed violence but opens his political process to the violent mob. The way to end.austerity is to put up income tax rates rather than squeeze the poor.
Is he the most dangerous man in U.K. Politics at the present time?