Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Prisoner of Parison a fantasy novel by Eddie Gubbins

The Prisoner of Parison by Eddie Gubbins
Book 3 of the Rombuli Saga series of fantasy novels 

Edward Eastland and his friends had departed to find the Walloonian Army at Bryant's Ridge. Now all that is left is for the Rombuli army to retreat back to make a stand at the Al;skar River. Grand Master Silker, the leader of the Rombuli Army had said at the strategy meeting," We do not have enough trained soldiers to anything about a direct attack on the enemy. With odds of twelve to one we can do nothing to stop their advance. All we can do is hope that the magicians Nelvask and Latask can hold them up with their magic at Gorland Gap near Nimmar and finally at the Alskar River crossing leading to Alskar Town. The other thing we can do is leave some men behind enemy lines to harass  their backs and attack their supply dumps. I have to admit it is not much of a strategy but it is the only one we can come up with at such short notice. Desperate times call for desperate methods. I know it is in reality a delaying tactic in the hope that something will turn up to help us. I can see little hope in it being successful." 
Deep down they all know it is suicidal but all they can do until somebody leads a party to Parison to rescue the prisoner Tulka. He is the leader of the magician faction called the Covenent but has been overcome by the magic of the Black Elves. With his magic and the rest of the Covenenters there might be a chance of confronting the Black Elves and their magic with some chance of success. The Elves of the Golden City stir in their forest home after being confronted by Edward Eastland and decide to help the humans. The major question is " Who will lead the assault on Parison  or will it have to be a clandestine mission? Where is Edward Eastland and will he be back in time to use his power to help in the rescue of Tulka? The situation is desperate. The enemy appears to have much superior magic  and more troops. Will Nelvask find Edward and will the Elves of the Golden City help in the war with the Black Elves?

Book 1 of the Rombuli Saga
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Book 2 of the Rombuli Saga
The Return of the Exiles.

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