Thursday, 25 February 2016

" The Return of the Exiles" a fantasy novel by Eddie Gubbins

The Return of the Exiles a fantasy novel by Eddie Gubbins - Book 2 in the Rombuli Saga series.

The Empire is disintegrating. There has been no communication with Parison, the capital of the Empire, for a number of years. Reports reaching Nimmar in Rombuli state that strange creatures have been seen in the rest of the Empire. Sending troops to investigate is proving futile. As soon as they cross the border between Sandaria and the rest of the Empire, nothing is seen or heard of them again. Nelvask, Relask and Latask devised a plan where the army would defend Rombuli until what is happening in the rest of the Empire becomes apparent. Edward is given the task of finding out what has happened to the Walloonian Army at a place in Walloonia called Bryant's Ridge. He leaves his newly wed wife Kitty and in the company of her brother Boric and his friend Tag, sets off to find Bryant's Ridge. In the event, they become cut off from the way back to Rombuli and have to decide on a different road back. Edward is nervous that his powers, or magic as Tag calls them, will not be a match against the magic of the enemy. Will he manage to keep them safe as they try to find their way back to Rombuli? Will Edward manage to find the extent of his powers in time to protect them? During their wanderings will the others follow his lead no matter what dangers they face on the way? Not mentioned explicitly as they set out is the thought that the Empire will exist when they do return.

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