Monday, 22 February 2016

A Legacy From Mary

Legacy from Mary
Eddie Gubbins

Ken Flood is an academic and events in the wider world do not usually effect his way of life. He has recovered from the incident where he became involved in his brother Norman's mysterious world and gone back to his quiet academic world. Then his research assistant Joshua dies after a mugging. His friend Mary with whom he has worked on research projects dies after a car crash. Joshua and Mary have never met even at conferences. The only connection there is between them, beside friendship with Ken, is a country called Mengambi. Joshua is a Mengambian studying under Ken for his Ph D. He is an outspoken critic  of the present government of Mengambi. Maria tutored short courses in the country on the subject of strategic management. While helping to sort out her papers, Ken comes to the suspicion that the explanations for their deaths are not wholly above board. 
Suddenly Ken is caught up in the game of power exercised in Mengambi when he agreed to take Mary’s place teaching on the short courses in Mengambi. All he set out to do was find out what actually happened to his friends,  whether there was more to his friends deaths than had been reported. His brother asks him to keep his eyes open when in Mengambi and gather any information he can about the people he meets while he is in the country. Soon it appears that he might be out of his depth in a situation with which he is not familiar. Can he survive the pressure of his employer in Mengambi to just do his job and from his brother to " Keep and eye open for actions of the people he meets"?

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