Thursday, 26 November 2015

Managing Transport Operations by Edmund J Gubbins

Once again I am angry. Motorists have this exhaulted view of their importance in the world.
They complain when they are fined for parking in places that are not available for parking. They complain when they are caught on camera speeding. Now they complain whne they are fined for driving in a dedicated bus lane. The whole complaint is on the lines of the locl authorities are making a fortune out of these fines. This is rubbish. Ther people who speed, park in the wrong places and use bus lanes are breaking the law. They are criminals. There is an easy way for motorists to avoid paying the fines. That is for them to obey the law and not speed, park illegally or use bus lanes. Then there would be no fines and no income for the local authorities. If somebody burgalled their house they would expect the police to catch the burglar. The same goes for errant motorists.
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