Monday, 23 November 2015

The Return of the Exiles by Eddie Gubbins.

The Return of the Exiles by Eddie Gubbins Book 2 of the Rombuli Saga a fantasy series.
The Empire is disintegrating. There has been no communication with the capital Parison for a number of years. People report that strange creatures have been seen. Sending troops to report proves futile. As soon as they cross the border, nothing more is heard from them. The plan is to hold onto Rombuli while somebody finds out what is happening. Edward Eastland is given the task of finding out what is happening, He has to find the Waloonian army at a place called Bryant's Ridge. He has to leave his new bride Kitty and travel with his friend Tag and her brother Boric. Will he learn more about the extent of his power as he confronts his enemies? Will he return in time to help save Rombuli as he confronts the dangers blocking his path back to Rombuli? Will he finally meet the dragons of legend to help him confront his enemies?