Friday, 18 December 2015

The Teacher of the Rombuli

Is there a case for looking a new at the Syrian war? I acknowledge President Asad is a tyrant and is only interested in his own welfare. Instictively all countries should oppose him. The problem is ISIS is more evil than he is. Maybe it is time to swallow our pride and start think what up to now has been unthinkable and help Asad defeat ISIS. After that the problem of Asad can then be addressed. Enemies can become allies to fight a greater evil.

In the fantasy novel The Teacher of the Rombuli by Eddie Gubbins, the Rombuli people are oppressed by the Parison Empire. Edward Eastland considers Parison officials, Parison Army and their magicians guild called The Covenent as the enemy. He sets out to oppose them until the question of who is the enemy arises. Will he ally himself with the Covenent for the greater good.

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