Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The oldies are of no consequence!

So they want to force the oldies to give up their houses and move to smaller ones. This is so that younger people with families can then move into those houses. We are to be treated like discards of society no longer wanted, to be herded into whatever the state thinks is best for the young. They say it is because there are millions of spare rooms in houses of the elderly sitting empty in the whole country. These could be put to better use.
Houses are not commodities to many people but homes. They contain memories, they have been decorated and organised to fit families and they are comfortable and familiar. In addition for many people they are located in the right place with neighbours and friends. They are the fabric of living to many elderly people. 
It smacks a little of what used to happen in communist states in that the authorities think they can order their citizens lives in ways that the authorities think is best.
Besides it is not only the old who live in houses with spare rooms. I know several younger people who live on their own in three bed roomed houses. There are married couples without children in similar situations. Should they be made to move into more appropriate accommodation? The worst example is the Queen. Surely she does not need all those rooms at Windsor. Buckingham Palace, Sandringham, Balmoral? Or what about the Duke of Devonshire at Chatsworth. Should he be made to move? I doubt it because there will be one rule for the rich gang and another for the poor.
Besides, many elderly people living in houses with vacant rooms suddenly find those rooms essential when their families come to visit. 
The authorities should make sure that all the houses left vacant by owners are put back into use before trying to bludgeon the elderly into giving up their homes.