Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Loyalty in Football

How can we talk about loyalty in football in the light of Steve Coteral's leaving Portsmouth for Nottingham Forest? The next time he rants about the loyalty of player under his management he should think deeply about his record of loyalty. He was at Notts County for a few months but as soon as he was asked to move he moved. Now he has abandoned Portsmouth for Forest.
The only loyalty in football is the fans. Most turn up to support their local team come rain come shine. They suffer the good times and they rejoice in the good. For most they know that they have to enjoy the good because as night follows day, there will come a time when things turn bad. I can remember when even the mighty Liverpool of today languished in the lower reaches of the old second division. Chelsea, Aston Villa, Man united have also had to endure those times. During the dark days of bottom of the table, loss after loss, I have sat in the pub with my friends wondering whether to have another pint or go to the match. Of course as true fans, we have gone to the match full of hope that it will get better. The Rooney's and Teveses of this world would do well to think of the fans when they make their exaggerated claims that they should move.
It is all about money. AND now we have those  ignorant Americans coming here and demanding that all the history and tradition be thrown out of the window. They want to stop promotion and relegation so that they can protect their investment. It is the NFL model. I have never understood how people who made their money through capitalism and competition can be so communistic when it comes to sport. They will condemn foreign companies for trying to protect their businesses by co-operation or state subsidies. When it comes to two things the Americans are more socialist than left government countries. They pour subsidies into agriculture, build barriers against foreign imports and suppress competition in sport.
If you do not accept our systems take your money back home. The dream of mixing with the big boys is what drives football in England from the park team to the football league. It should be preserved!