Friday, 14 October 2011

Liam Fox

Is it a sign of our times the saga of Liam Fox? He appears to the innocent outside observer to be completely oblivious to doing anything wrong. The impression given is that he has a self ordained right to ignore the rules and give his friends not just help but privileges. It might be symptomatic of the arrogant view among politicians that they do not have to be honest or pay any regard to what in most of society passes as normal behavior.
How can politicians get back any trust from their employers that they might have had in the past when they appear to be on the make all the time. They cow tow to vested interests like the press and anybody with money in order to get elected. Then they in all innocence believe that the bill will not be presented at a latter date. Regulation of the financial sector? Wait a minute we gave you donations to help your election therefore we demand an end to this talk of stopping our making money. That defence contract must be ours because we helped you get into power.
It all stems back to Mrs. Thatcher and her comment that there is no such thing as society. She implied that it was everybody for themselves. Then there is the movement to treat discipline like  a dirty word. In schools and in the home it is felt wrong by a significant number of adults to discipline children. The result is an out of control generation.
Liam Fox should be honest and set an example by facing up to his wrong doing and resign straight away.