Friday, 5 June 2015

Princess Daphne

Princess Daphne by Eddie Gubbins is a sequel to the Rombuli Saga trilogy.
Six years have passed since t   he defeat and sending back through the time and place portal of the Black Elves. Edward Eastland had settled into the role of the Governor of Rombuli and Sandaria. With his daughter Dorethea, son William and his wife Kitty he had become a family man living for the most part on his estate. His friend Tag had given up the life of a Ranger in the Imperial Parison Army and with his wife Margaret had become a farmer. Well not quite a farmer because he still organised the town watch. Edward and Tag's trading business prospered and they were rich. They had now taken up what their friends thought of a an ordinary life.
When he thought about his previous life he missed the fear and tension which had accompanied his struggles against the Black Elves. There was the memory of the tingle running up his spine as he entered a dark place with enemies waiting unseen.Sitting at his desk with the sun shining through the window and his children playing in the garden,his shoulders tightened as though he was anticipating an arrow between his shoulder blades.He missed the fast beating heart when beside Tag he had crept through enemy teritory. In addition was the times he ahd to pull in and use his power to help his friends or himself. All of this was now missing from his life.
One day without warning his daughter came to tell him that a dragon had landed in the meadow and wished to speak to him. The dragon had been sent by the elves of the Golden City. An alien creature with green skin had been captured wandering the streets of the Golden City. The elves could not understand its language except that it spoke Edward's name. They want him to come to the Golden City and confront the creature.
If Edward answers this request from the elves will he be drawn back into the world he thought he had left for ever?

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