Monday, 22 June 2015

ISIS and the rest of the world.

In the novel The Prisoner of Parison  by Eddie Gubbins, Megram, the Shaman of the Sandari, spoke to Nelvask the Magician for the first time. “ Nelvask, Unlee my colleague, is sad and disillusioned after what happened at the Rock. All his life he has never seen such power. The Covenent always hinted at power but very rarely used it to even subdue our people. We all thought we were powerful with our small illusions that impressed our people. At the Rock a few days ago, we saw what power can do. They closed our fire pit and dispelled our illusions very quickly. The ones on the creatures’ backs smashed our other Priests into the ground. Only because Grand Master Silker insisted that we come with his soldiers are we here. All we really want is a quiet life.”
“ Megram, I hear you.” Nelvask looked off into the sun set. “ All I wanted was a quiet life. I wanted to carry on my studies in the dusty vaults of the Mountain. Then I was chucked out by opposing factions. Ever since then I seem to have been on the run from their power. Even though it may appear strange to some after all their enmity towards me, I have had to align myself with those I regarded as my enemies in order to oppose a greater danger. I do not like what I have to do but I am willing to help.  All of those who want freedom have to try to help win any way we can. Will you help me?”
Unlee suddenly smiled sadly. “ Yes we will help you while praying to our God that what we are doing will help good triumph over evil. If we had more time we could sit over a glass or two of riki spirit and talk about what is good and evil. We could argue about who is the real enemy and who are our friends. All we can do now is trust that we are on the right side and help you. I will stand at your right side and slowly replace the departing soldiers with my illusions when the time is right. Megram will stand on your left and do likewise. Between us we ought to be able to hold the ridge for a while giving the army a head start back to this place you call Alskar.”
Nelvask grasped his hand. “ Thank you.”
As far as ISIS is concerned is it time to start, like Nelvask, to talk to what are regarded as our enemies so that we can combat together a greater evil? It is something that must be contemplated by or leaders.

The Prisoner of Parison by Eddie Gubbins available from Kindle and Amazon for download as an ebook
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The Prisoner of Parison is book 3 of the Rombuli Saga.
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There is a sequel in Princess Daphne by Eddie Gubbins set six years after the Rombuli Saga.