Saturday, 23 May 2015

Dealing with ISIS

I watch the television with horror as the ISIS forces take over more of Syria and Iraq. Not only that but the barbarians destroy treasures which have lain for centuries. This is done in the name of religion but most of their other religious adherents do not believe in what they are doing.
A question which has nagged at the back of my mind has now taken shape. Has not the time come for the rest of the world to join together to rid the planet of this scourge. I know there will be difficulties with this concept. It will mean drawing into alliances such former enemies like Iran and President Assad. There comes a time when enmities have to be put aside for the greater good.
This is one of the themes of my fantasy novels The Rombuli Saga.
In The Teacher of the Rombuli by Eddie Gubbins, Edward Eastland lives in Alskar Province of Rombuli under the heel of the Parison Empire. During his struggles to assert the rights of the Rombuli people he comes across the evil sect called Covenent. They are his enemies but when the Empire is disintegrating under the magic of the black elves, he has to agree to align himself with his enemies. He reasons that old enmities have to be sacrificed in the face of a greater evil.
The Rombuli Saga by Eddie Gubbins.
Book 1  The Teacher of the Rombuli
Book 2   The Return of the Exiles
Book 3   The Prisoner of Parison

All available through Amazon as paperbacks and for downloading as an ebook.