Tuesday, 5 May 2015

British election

I sit and wonder at the seeming ignorance of both the politicians and the media commentators over the prospect of no one party having a majority of MPs. It is what happens in most democracies round the world. I know it is not supposed to happen with the first passed the post system but the political landscape is changing. There will have to be an acceptance by both politicians and commentators that it is the ability to command a majority on the queens speech which lays out the proposed legislative programme that is important not the number of seats a party has gained. Compromise is the name of the game.
I notice once more that a bank having got us into this mess will not accept any responsibility or control. Mr Camreon is right to say it is ordinary people who reaped the financial storm caused by the almost criminal behaviour of bankers but they have not suffered. What makes me angry is that he has done nothing to make things difficult for his mates in the city except what has been demanded by the Lib Dems.
Friday is going to be interesting. The danger is that Nicola Sturgeon as an outsider to Parliament will try to play a part in any negotiations.
It will be interesting.