Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Innocence Exploded by Eddie Gubbins

My latest novel Innocence Exploded has been published by createspace, www.createspace.com.This is a sequel to my novel A Ceremony Of Innocence.

Following the crisis in his life after Mark Brookes' brother had stormed out saying he would never talk to his brother again, Mark was devastated when his girl friend Sue went off with another man. He begins a relationship with Jane who he had met in Nottingham at his brother's bed sit. Her father offers him a post in his organisation in the City of London and the chance to gain further qualifications. It means that Mark will leave his life at sea and settle down ashore. In the back of his mind was the question of whether Jane's father offered him the post because of his daughter or ion merit. Mentally as is his nature he shrugs his shoulders and vows to make the most of his chance. In the same fashion he becomes involved with Jane's sister. Though all his previous problems with his brother, Sue and his family had resulted by his taking every opportunity for sex, he still takes every chance of sex which comes his way. He reasons that if Jane does not know, nobody will be hurt.
On one fateful day his innocence is exploded.

WARNING! This novel contains explicit sex scenes.

It can be purchased from www.createspace.com as a paperback or through Amazon as a paperback or downloading to electronic readers.