Wednesday, 18 February 2015

English Bishops and politics

So the Conservative Party is upset that the Bishops have had their say on the state of politics in this country. That is the opinions of the establishment down the ages. The profits of the Old Testament spent their time pointing out where the establishment was straying from the proper behavior. Jesus preached about the obligation to love thy neighbour and look after those in need.
It is only natural that the Bishops should point out that we have a moral duty to look after those less fortunate thn we are. Why is it that those who are well off cannot see they can afford to spend some of their money helping those in need. It is an easy target for the rich to cut help to the poor while giving those with the money the chance to shirk their obligations.
Why do those who have wealth try all the time to avoid tax? They can afford to pay. Unlike the vast majority who have their income tax deducted at source. Sitting in his protected environment, David Cameron leads a team who do not know what poverty is really about.
Good on you I say to the Bishops.
As for Russel Brand. My father always emphasised to me that it had taken years for everybody including women to get the vote and it is a slur on the memory of their struggle if people do not vote. As I used to tell my students, if you are not happy with the way things are run, get involved. Join a party or set up your own or run as an independent. Much as I dislike Nigel Farage and the underlying sentiment he propagates, at least he got involved. Come on Mr Brand. Lets see you run for Parliament instead of knocking those who do.

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