Friday, 28 December 2012

Football Managers

It is disgraceful seeing Sir Alex Ferguson berating the referee like he did last weekend.
How are we as a society supposed to teach our children to respect other people when high profile people like Sir Alex act without manners or thought for the example they are setting?
Will Sir Alex write to the referee the next time some player or watcher of a Sunday League match attacks the referee? Will he not feel a trifle contrite when he thinks that his behaviours has helped to set the standards for those who look up to him? Will he send an apology to the next referee of a lower league match who ends up in hospital after being attacked?
He should be banned for a large number of games. But that will not happen. The FA is too much in awe of him so they will be weak as far as he is concerned. If it had been say a Championship manager who has not the profile of Sir Alex, the FA would have acted.
On top[ of this there is the way in which managers blame the referee for any defeat. They are blind to the missed goal chances from their over paid strikers. The  were not looking when their players commit fouls.
All football team managers must try to set an example to today's youth.