Friday, 27 January 2012

Return of the Exiles

The Return Of The Exiles

Book 2 of The Rombuli Saga

The Empire is in trouble. It looks like all its administration is disintegrating. There had been no communication with the Parison for almost three years. People reported that strange creatures had been seen on the borders. Sending troops to investigate has proved futile. As soon as they cross the border of Sardonia, nothing has been heard of them again. Latask, the Covenenter, is scared which is not like one of his kind. To Edward Eastland they have always appeared in control.
A Council Meeting is called by Rulask the Governor to discuss what is happening. An idea emerges. From this the plan is to hold onto Rombuli while somebody finds out what is happening. Everybody agrees that it is a desperate measure but there appears to be no alternative.
Edward Eastland is given the task of finding the Walloonian army at a place called Bryants Ridge. There he will find two more Covenenters and will attempt to enlist their help. It means he has to leave his new wife Kitty in Nimmar. He must rely on her brother Boric and his friend Tag to get him through potentially enemy territory. In the event, they becomes cut off from Rombuli. With his friends Boric Borovic and Tag, he sets out to find his way back home by a circuitous route.
Edward wonders whether his powers, magic as Tag calls it, will help him and keep them safe. Will he learn more about the extent of his powers as he overcomes any obstacles in their way? Are there forces with greater powers than him waiting to prevent him reaching his goal? During the journey, will his friends keep following his lead no matter the dangers they encounter? 
As they set out they have to face the possibility that the Empire will no longer exist when the get back home.

The Return Of The Exiles, Book 2 of The Rombuli Saga,  is a sequel to Book 1 of The Rombuli Saga - The Teacher of the Rombuli.

The Return Of The Exiles can be downloaded from Amazon for Kindle and other platforms price $3:99.
Soon to be published as a paperback with CreateSpace.

The Teacher Of The Rombuli also can be downloaded from Amazon for Kindle and other platforms price $3:99.