Friday, 27 January 2012

Banker's Bonus

Here we go again. Somebody earning over £1000000 a year needs a bonus of £1000000 to get by. Why does he merit this bonus? Because he has saved!?* RBS. On what criteria is his bonus measured? Lending money to small and medium sized businesses. Failed. Keeping the share price for the nation high. Failed. Making the bank more efficient by sacking staff. For those on high pay success, to the ordinary worker Failed. In almost every criteria he has failed. Still he thinks he is worth a bonus of over £1000000. Where is the morality in all of this? Do those who have a chance to grab an unfair share of the cake have no idea of how the rest of the people in the country think. They operate in their enclosed bubble mixing with similarly selfish people, thinking that they are worth 800X more than the average worker. It is said that they take the risks What risks? The boss of RBS should take the moral line and forgo his bonus.