Friday, 2 September 2011

Disrupted Concert

What were the Palestinian supporters thinking of when the interrupted the concert at the Proms by the Israeli Orchestra. One of the first things we have to learn in life is do not alienate those that support you. I soon learnt this at Grammar school. Even in the second year I was the smallest in the school. Therefore I had to make sure that I did not get bigger children against me. Coming back to the concert. This was a cultural event which many people had paid a great deal of money to listen to the music. I can understand if it was a speech by the Israeli Prime Minister. In fact I would be the first to stand and protest. All the demonstrators have managed to achieve is anger from many people who support their cause.
It reminds me of the Muslim demonstrators at Wooten Basset when they tried to boo the coffins of dead soldiers. No matter what they or anybody else thinks of the war in Afghanistan, and many ordinary British people do not support it, they have to learn to respect the dead soldiers who were only carrying out the orders of the politicians.
Palestinian supporters must learn when it is prudent to protest and wjhen the very protest goes against all the sympathy they wish to engender.

( In my book An Ordinary Life, Tom alienates the Vice Chancellor of his University many times. The VC and many of the other professors are jealous of his wealth and suspicious of how he came to be so wealthy. They wait for an opportunity to " get him". That arises when he is arrested by the police though released without charge and is forced to take early retirement.
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