Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Over inflated egos.

Were does Alex Ferguson get his sense of being above mere mortals. There is no doubt that he has been a very great and successful football manager. In addition within the Man United football club he is in charge. He does not get questioned or get criticised. There is evidence that when somebody be it a player, fan or member of the administration asks awkward questions, that person is moved on.
It is the same for all people who think they are so brilliant and gain power. They feel that they are above the ordinary crowd. Any criticism is seen as a personal slight by people who are not worthy to be questioning their actions. All dictators are like this.
The FA should ignore any complaint from Ferguson and deal with him like anybody else in football. If it was some lower league manager making the comments he makes, they wold be fined and banned. Maybe it is that he still suffers from siege mentality. Let us have no more special treatment for Ferguson from now on.

(In my fantasy novel The Return of the Exiles, Book 2 of the Rombuli Saga to be published on Kindle in the autumn, the Duke of Marrinet has these attitudes to other what he sees as lesser mortals.
The old man looked sharply at Edward.  " Do you practice magic young man?"
Edward frowned and then shrugged his shoulders. " I would not say I practice magic, as you call it. I seem to have an in built power to do certain things that most people find impossible."
Boric reproved his friend. " Be careful Tag. You are embarrassing Edward. Now, your Grace, we were talking about the war and what happened."
The old man ignored Boric. " I have never met anybody who dealt in magic other than a member of the Covenent in all my dealings with the Empire. Oh, some of the priests from the Temples of the Sun God say they can do magic but I have always suspected that what they do is more tricks of sleight of hand than real magic. What can you do?"
Edward stared at the old man for a long time before replying. " This is not meant as a snub but I do not think that is any of your business."
For the first time since they came into the room, the old man sat up straight in his chair and glared at Edward. " When I ask you a question, I demand an answer! "
Edward rose from his chair and confronted the old man. He ignored the sharp intake of breath coming from Boric and signalled for Tag to remain seated. " Look old man, nobody demands to know what I can do with my power, not even Nelvask my teacher. I do not come from your estate or your country. Therefore, I am not one of your fawning sycophantic subjects. You may be able to demand instant obedience to your commands from those people but not from me. I can do things with my power and that is all you have to know. If I have insulted your sense of social class by being blunt with you, I am sorry but I am not used to being spoken to like one would to a servant. If my attitude towards you makes you feel I am not welcome in your house, have your servants load up my horses and I will find a place to camp until Boric and Tag are ready to leave."
Book 1 The Teacher of the Rombuli is available for download at Amazon.)