Thursday, 10 November 2016

Where is God?

Where is God in all the strife and carnage in the world? Surely if there was a loving God, all these problems would be solved. It is a question any Christian has to wrestle with when asked by non believers. It is difficult to answer. 
Most if not all these happenings are caused by human activity or neglect not by God. Take Syria and what is happening there as an example. What takes place is caused by man's inhumanity to man. It is men and women who are dropping the bombs, shooting the guns and killing innocent children. It was men who gave the orders to bomb the relief supply lorries not God. People are killed in landslides but in many cases they have been warned of the danger. 
God is there among those people who risk their lives to help, those who give comfort and those who give warnings.  If only people would heed the message of love and helping their neighbours there would not be so much strife in the world. The world has enough resources to make sure nobody starves. It is a matter of logistics and fairness. The rich have to give uo a little of their wealth to help solve the worlds problems.
In my fantasy novel, Princess Daphne, Edward Eastland explains what is meant by free will.
" Carla burst out. “ If you are so powerful why cannot you stop the Tyrant killing our land?”
The Linta shook her head. “ It is not as simple as that. I was put here to help the lands flourish by what we call God. This the Linta has done for the lands around here for aeons. Your husband’s ancestors have looked after our needs and they have prospered from the fertility we bring to their estate. Our God does not interfere in the affairs of giants. The law has been laid down but giants are free to follow the law or ignore it.”
Carla was even more strident.” If the Tyrant is evil why does not our God kill it?”

Edward answered. “ We call the supreme being Our Maker. In our Book it sets out the way men should live their lives. Our Maker has given us what our book calls free will. It is written if we did not have free will we would be like so many puppets with the Maker pulling the strings. When considering any action to take, we have to make up our own minds. Again it is written in our Book “ When good men do nothing evil flourishes.” In every generations there are people who make sure that evil does not prevail."

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