Monday, 31 October 2016

An Ordinary Life by Edmund Gubbins

From his early childhood on the edge of a hard Council Estate to eminent Professor with a world wide reputation and great wealth, Tom Houseman has stayed loyal to his friend Derek. He finds opportunities through his friends and his brother to enhance both his wealth and standing in society. Like many people, all through his life he denies and ignores both the moral and legal implications of taking advantage of these opportunities. He sees his actions as both moral and legal acting out of the belief that he always avoids illegal activities. Many people feel this way and assume they are good people.
Eventually they have to face up to the consequences of their actions. Will Tom Houseman have eventually to face up to these implications or will he sail serenely through, what he calls, this ordinary life?

1st edition published by You Write On

2nd Edition published by Createspace

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