Sunday, 31 July 2016

Innocence Exploded by Edmund Gubbins

Innocence Exploded is the sequel to A Ceremony of Innocence by Edmund Gubbins continuing the conflict between the two brothers Mark and James.  Having left the sea for a career in the City of London, Mark still lives for the chance to have pleasure with disregard to any consequences.
Having broken off his relationship with his long term girlfriend Sue Maunder, Mark Brookes sets out to begin  a relationship with Jane who he had met in Nottingham. Her father offers him a job in his company in the City of London and a chance to attend college to gain further qualifications. If he agrees it will result in him leaving his life at sea. It also opens up the question of whether he has been offered the job because of his relationship to Jane or on merit.
He is reminded of why he split with Sue when he gets the chance to make love to Jane's sister. He realises that it is a part of his nature to grasp any opportunities of making love which come his way. He tells himself that if Jane does not know, there is no chance of her being hurt.
His innocence is exploded on one fateful day.
When tragedy strikes will Mark accept James' help?

Extract of the moment when Mark knows he is going to make love to his girlfriend's sister Sarah even though he knows it is not right.

' They were sparing now, Sarah not wanting to say what she really wanted, Mark unable to read her mood or follow her thoughts. Their conversation continued like this for a while, not saying anything important or alighting for long on any specific topic.
Sarah got up from the arm of the chair and took Mark’s glass. She was humming to herself as she refilled it. While placing the glass on the table next to Mark, she lent over such her breasts were plainly visible to him where the cross over top fell away from her body. She stayed bent over staring into his eyes. It was a clear invitation. He smiled back then kissed her inviting lips quickly before taking his drink from her hand. He reached round her back and squeezed her bottom in answer to the look she was giving him. All the while he was smiling sweetly.
Sarah smiled back conspiratorially and resumed her seat on the arm of the chair. Leaning back as though to watch the television, she let her arm slip around his shoulders. Before long her head was resting against his and he moved to place his arm around her waist. At the pressure of his arm, Sarah sighed happily.
Deep down something suggested to Mark what they were doing was wrong. He knew he should resist the temptation Sarah presented. The truth was he could not resist taking advantage of any opportunity that occurred. Since he had overcome his shyness when in the company of women which had often prevented him from progressing even when his instincts told him there was a clear invitation, he had never been able to pass up any chance of sex. He  caught a vision of Jane working away in her digs and not going out so that she would have the time free to come down to London and be with him. It was the way Jane came willingly and made love which should have left him completely satisfied. In fact in many ways making love to Jane at the weekends did leave him satisfied. Since she had arranged to see him every other weekend, he felt none of the compunction to chase after women which he had when going to sea. 
His life had slipped into a pattern over the last months.  During the week he went to college to attend lectures, made time to go to the office to help with the research and spent the rest of the time at the flat doing coursework when not socialising. At times Mr Willis would be there, others Mrs Willis but at others her would be alone. Many evenings he did not arrive back at the flat until quite late when he had been socialising with friends. It was a way of life he was starting to enjoy.
Every other weekend things were different. On Friday evening he would meet the train at St Pancras to see Jane arriving from Nottingham. When alone in the flat, they had made love in the afternoon and evening. During the days they explored London and gone to the theatre. All the time they were happy and content just to be in each others company. Sunday evening she would go back to Nottingham but the knowledge that in two weeks time they would be together again meant their parting was never sad. It is a good life, Mark thought squeezing Sarah’s waist. It is something I should not jeopardise. If I am serious, I should treat her like a brother and tell her I am off to bed by myself.
As though anticipating what Mark was thinking and what he was about to say, Sarah raised her head from his  and swung her legs across the chair. Cuddling down, she let her arm slip from his shoulder to the back of the chair. From this position she could look into his eyes and when she did, he knew he was lost. 

Cupping her chin in his free hand, he kissed her properly, gently moving his tongue against hers. His hand left her chin and caressed her breast through the fabric of her top. Easing his arm out from around her waist, he found the buttons and unwrapped her top. Her small round breasts were still hidden by her bra but they appeared to spring towards his fingers. He squeezed the nipples before slipping off her bra. Now the top part of her body was free.'

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