Thursday, 14 January 2016

For the Love of Pauline

Well, all the editing is finished on my third thriller For the Love of Pauline. It involves Ken Flood and his brother Norman as in Brotherly Love and A Legacy from Mary. Now for self publication through Createspace and Kindle.
Ken Flood has been separated from his wife and family for six years following the kidnapping of his daughter by Mengambwian government people as related in A Legacy From Mary. Ken was exchanged for his daughter but managed to turn the tables on his enemies. Doreen his wife had obtained an injunction barring him from any contact with her and his daughters other than family business. Pauline, his eldest daughter is killed by a contaminated drug. The police appear to know who supplied the drugs but did not arrest them. Ken set out to find out who supplied the drugs. His brother offers to help and soon they re threatened by drug gangs.
When it is finally published I will put out on my blog!