Monday, 31 August 2015

FIFA corruption

I was reading an article in the UK Times newspaper today by Matthew Syed on corruption at FIFA. He contends that it is not that people are overtly corrupt but that the whole bubble they live in makes them ignore the corruption around them. They think that handouts, money transfers and dubious perks are just part of the system. To them there is noting wrong with what they do. In other words like Sep Blatter it is all part of the job. The whole process even when pointed out to them that it is morally indefensible is a way of carrying on business. There is nothing they are doing which should get censured by other people.
It came to me that this is at the heart of my novel An Ordinary Life.

An Ordinary Life by Edmund J Gubbins

Money laundering is illegal. Even Tom Houseman knows that. He, as an academic, makes a distinction between helping somebody to set up legitimate business and the source of the money.
The novel follows the life of Tom Houseman. From his early childhood on the edge of a hard council estate to eminent Professor with a worldwide reputation and great wealth. The story explores the manner in which most people regard themselves as honest and law abiding although there are times and circumstances when they ignore the rules of behaviour or of some moral code. These people justify their actions by ignoring their conscience or making excuses for their behaviour. In extreme cases they give the impression that morality is not an issue in their case.
Tom Houseman has a boyhood friend called Derek from the council estate and, though their paths diverge after junior school, he stays loyal to his friend. Derek becomes the right hand man of the criminal Mr. Big and introduces Edward. During his life, Edward accepts opportunities presented by his friends and his brother. These enhance both his standing in society and his wealth. All the time, he ignores and denies the moral and legal implications of taking advantage of these offers. As time passes, he has to accept the implications of his choices.
Will he finally have to face these hard decisions or will he sail serenely on living, to him, this ordinary life?

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