Friday, 6 March 2015

Enemies to allies

Does not the US government realise that as situations change so does ones enemies and allies. Iran is helping to push back Isis and in these circumstances the US should swallow their objections and make the best of a situation which is helping them. Throughout history there have been exmples of enemies becoming allies to fight a common threat.
In my fantasy novel PRINCESS DAPHNE Edward Eastland decides to help the Princess who is fighting an enemy more powerful than she is. This is despite them being bitter enemies in the trilogy The Rombuli Saga. In book 3 she kills Edwards ally the King of the Elves when he was defenceless. Edward almost kills her in cold blood before being stopped by Tag and Nelvask, the magician. The question Edward has to ask and answer is whether as his sworn enemy he should go and help Princess Daphne. Even though this entails making a breach in the space time line, he decides to help.What finally makes up his mind is the thought of a greater evil taking over the world than the black elves of Princess Daphne.

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