Saturday, 6 September 2014

A Legacy from Mary a Thriller by Eddie Gubbins

My thriller A Legacy from Mary is available from Amazon as a paperback and for downloading as an ebook on Kindle. It is also available from Smashwords for downloading to all e-readers.
This a novel about loyalty to friends and family even though that loyalty takes one out of familiar  situations and into the unknown. 
Ken Flood was an academic and events in the wider world did not effect his life. Then his friends Joshua and Mary were killed. The only connection was a country called Mengambi, Joshua was a Mengambian and Maria untook short courses in the country. Suddenly Ken was caught up in the game of power excersised in Mengambi when he agreed to take Mary’s place teaching on the short courses in Mengambi. What he wanted to find out was if there was more to his friends deaths than reported. Can he survive the pressure from his employer in Mengambi and the request by his brother to gather information?