Saturday, 24 May 2014

Princess Daphne

My latest fantasy novel PRINCESS DAPHNE has just been published at
It is the forth in the Rombuli Saga series.

' It has been six years since the war between the elves of the Golden City and the invading Black Elves from Nelwee who came through a time and place rift from another planet. After the defeat of the Black Elves on the Sacred Mountain, Edward Eastland had found a way to send them back through the rift. 
Since then Edward has been missing the tension and fear that had been part of his every day life during the war. At times now he could almost feel the tingle when he entered an alien space. At times he missed the fast beating heart while creeping through enemy territory. Then there had been the pulling in of his power to help his friends or himself when they had encountered danger. All this had been missing over the six years.
He had settled down as the appointed Governor of Rombuli and Sandaria. Times were peaceful. His daughter and son were growing up. Kitty, his wife thanked her God every night that her family were together and safe.
One day with no warning the dragon Umbrossa lands in meadow behind his home with a message from the elves of the Golden City. An alien creature has been captured wandering the streets of the Golden City. It does not speak their language but can speak his name. A search deep in his memory could not bring forth any knowledge of an alien creature that might know his name. Curiosity started to infuse his thinking. If he answers the call of the elves, will this draw him back into the world he thought he had left for ever?'

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