Tuesday, 11 March 2014


A question that rings through my head. I wake up to the COE of the Co-Op threatening to resign because somebody leaked his salary details. Then we hear his projected earnings are to be over £3 million. This is absolutely unbelievable. When he was appointed  the CEO of the Co-Op he must have had some knowledge of what business he was joining. What he wants to do is change the nature of the busines. The only trouble with that idea is that the new organisation would not be the co-op. It would be just like any other retailer.
It occurs to me that the co-op should set an example to all other businesses. Why does somebody feel that their contribution is more than 100 times greater than the lowest paid worker. They might think they are superior but by that magnitude?
Maybe a system where basic pay for the boss was 10 times the lowest salary. On top of this there should be a bonus pool at the end of the year. Everybody employed should then share the bonus according to their wages. This way all contributions to success would be recognised.
If the CEO of the co-op is so upset at earning 100 times other employees he should go.