Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Prisoner of Parison changes.

The third book in my fantasy series The Rombuli Saga titled The Prisoner of Parison is over 700 pages long. Niot only is this a long read but the cost is rather high.
I am planning to split this into two novels of about 350 words each. There is a natural division at about halfway through. It is at the point where Edward Eastland and his friends sneak into the Citidal in Parison and manage to rescue Tulka, the leader of the Covenent. It ends naturally when Edward, his sister Morag and Vibrus the dragon enter Tulka's mind and rid him of the control constraints put there by the Black Elves. I am planning to keep the title of this book as The Prisoner of Parison, book 3 of The Rombuli Saga.
Book 4 will be called The Governor of the Rombuli and will then chart the war between the Empire and the black elves.
That is the plan.