Sunday, 10 November 2013

Parking restrictions

A girl lies bleeding t the side of the road outside a school. Paramedics struggle to save her life. A car is slewed across the road. Cars parked in the no stopping zone outside the school gates. The girl rushes to see her friends but cannot see along the road. Parked cars all because parents defy the restrictions. It is too far or to wet to make them walk 40 metres.
An electric scooter lies mangled in the road. The elderly lady being placed in an ambulance. A van is parked on the pavement even though there are double yellow lines designating no parking. The elderly lady has had to go into the road to avoid the illegally parked van
A fire engine rushing to attend a fire cannot get through the traffic. It is congested because two cars have parked on double yellow lines so that their drivers can get money from a cash machine at a bank. Paramedics struggle to save the life of the man in the ambulance.
Parking restrictions are in place to make roads and all their users safer. They are not designed as cash generators for local authorities. If car drivers do not want the local councils to make any money from parking fines there is a simple answer. Do not park where parking is not allowed or over stay the proper time.
I think that linked to this is the problem of people being over weight. When I was on holiday there were many men and women grossly over weight. All the these fat people had hired cars and did not walk very far. That is the link to what I wrote above about car drivers parking illegally so that they do not have to walk anywhere. The minister for Local Government should lose weight and resign for suggesting that parking restrictions should be lifted.