Thursday, 28 March 2013

Are they kidding?

I was watching the new pope and his cardinals on television. At the same time the new Archbishop of Canterbury was being enthroned. What struck me in my ignorance was the display of wealth accompanying both processions. They surely tell us that they care for the poor and the disadvantaged. Have any of them ever really suffered poverty. Have they ever wondered when their next meal is going to come from? Have they ever had to choose between paying a bill or food for the family?
Then on came Duncan- Smith. What does this government think they are doing? How can the Liberal Democrats sleep soundly at night while they support the Conservatives? They are making sure the poor stay poor by taking away benefits. Those with disabilities will have to be assessed no longer relying on their doctor. On top of this there is the attempt to move those with so called spare bedrooms out of their houses. It smacks of treating houses as commodities not as homes. Somebody who has brought up their family in a house they have rented must be forced out of their home if there is a spare bedroom. Like the churchmen, these politicians have never had to think about money. They will not have to move out of their homes.
Then there is the Queen. Will she have to move out of here large social houses?
In my novel A Ceremony of Innocence I explore the ideas that some people pay lip service to their social conscience as long as they are not affected by problems. It concerns two brothers. Both put out the idea that they are left wing and support measures to help the working class. One truly lives up to his ideals. The other wants a good life and will take every opportunity to grab a good time. This can be purchased through Amazon as an ebook for downloading or as a paperback. It can also be downloaded from