Friday, 18 January 2013

Football club managers.

It is like something out of a nightmare. I have been a fan of Southampton Football Club since 1947 and am shocked at the sacking of Nigel Adkins today. What are they thinking about? What does it show about the owners attitude to the fans? The owners of football clubs feel, with reason, that the fans will turn up regardless of what happens at the club. Unfortunately that is true of many fans. If a person has supported their team through the good times and the bad, they will stay loyal to that team. Unlike those when they are young jump on the bandwagon of the most successful team most supporters are fanatical about their home town team.
What is it with owners? I suppose it can be explained by the simple reason that if they invest their hard earned or dodgily earned cash in a football club, they can call the shots. This however was a case of a successful British manager being abandoned for an unknown Argentinian. That is the philosophy in the higher ranks of English football at the moment. Anything foreign is bound to be better than a home grown manager. Thus foreign losers get preference over British managers.
When will we learn? If Southampton fans boycott the next match or boo the new manager can the owners be surprised? That is if they even come to the games.