Monday, 16 July 2012

Noise regulations!

It appears that Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney fell they should be above the law. They both knew as did their organisers that the licence under which the concert was allowed to take place stated that the show should end at 1030pm. Surely if the show went on longer it is not the fault of the local authorities who granted the licence but of the performers. I bet if there was a concert near where they live that had a licence to perform until 1030pm and it had continued later, they would be the first people to complain. Indeed I suspect that many in the audience would have been up in arms if their local restrictions on noise were ignored if if it was some celebrity.
The same applies to Wimbledon. The agreement was 1100pm finish if the roof allowed night sessions. It is ill of many people to complain that there was a threat to stop at 1100pm.
These are agreements reached on behalf of local residents many of whom do not want loud music interrupting their leisure time.
Lets hope these stars organise things better in  the future, stick to their agreements and stop complaining!