Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The British Government

I have been thinking. Don't laugh but I do think sometimes. The question which has been niggling away at my brain is how can David Cameron and his ministers have any idea about what it is like to be poor? They pontificate but always about how much it costs the taxpayer not what it is like to be poor. When have any of them had to watch their mother weigh up whether to go without food herself against having something to eat herself and smaller portions for the others in the family? Have they ever had to stand looking at their children's shoes and working out how to repair them for the umpteenth time? Shen was the last time they sat and let the lights go out because they did not have any money to pay?
They live in a world of the adequately well off or the rich where if they want something they can go out and buy it. At the same time they defend the tax dodgers among their friends. They defend those like bankers who take more out of the system than their worth.
I do not know how they can really understand but they should find out what life is really like for the poor. They should realise that not all people who are on benefits are scroungers. They have to find a way to help people find employment. Half a bonus for a banker and as many as twenty extra people could be employed.
We shall see what happens when the next election comes along. When that will be will be decided by the Lib Dems   finally having enough of Tory arrogance. Lets hope that is soon.