Saturday, 12 May 2012

Faith schools

I was thinking the other day about what was happening in England. I know it is not only a problem with the Asian community, the grooming of young girls for sex. But it can be seen as a lack of common community values and norms. This is not only on the Asian side but is a fact across society at certain levels. The comments heard while playing darts in a pub are in many cases pure prejudice.
The way in which different parts of society can begin to understand other parts is through the education system It amazes me that we in Britain have not learnt any lessons. In Northern Ireland here was and is still segregated education system. Catholic children do not mix with protestant. There was no way in which they could start to understand each other until they went away. In many cases once at university, the prejudice vanished. This though only applied to a certain level of society. The working people of Northern Ireland never became integrated.
What should happen in England is to ban all faith based schools and integrate all school children. If religious services Ar a problem they could do what happened when I was at school. The Jews and the Roman Catholics had their service and then joined the rest of the school.
The other factor is to make sure that girls in care are well looked after and supervised better.