Thursday, 16 February 2012

Homosexuals and the Archbishop of York

I listened with growing frustration to the radio the other day. The Archbishop of York was condemning homosexual couples from getting married in the true sense of the word. He was telling us that this is not permitted by passages in the bible. Is he instructing me that all passages should be rigidly followed even though many are contradictory? If that is so why do not all wealthy people obey Jesus' instruction to give up their riches and give to the poor? Further more if there cannot be interpretation of Christ's message what do all church leaders do every Sunday in their sermons? They interpret what has been written in the light of modern thinking. There has always been room in Christianity for modern thinking. Christ interpreted the Old Testament and changed the emphasis.
We now understand that sexuality is not something that can be chosen. If that is the case, if a man wants to marry another man or a woman another woman, the church should accommodate this. Would Jesus ostracise all those people because they were different? Did he turn away the leper because his countrymen told him to? No he embraced them. The Archbishop of York should similarly embrace homosexuals and support them in their wish to get married in church.