Thursday, 25 November 2010

Running After Maria by Eddie Gubbins

James Ashleigh went to sea after leaving school and began to live, what turned out to be, for him, the ideal life. Plenty of money, plenty of women and drink and visiting places only previously read about in books. The ideal life for somebody in their mid twenties with nothing to hold them in one place. 
One day at a party aboard one of the ships on which he was an officer, in port in Finland, he meets Maria and life's complications start. After several voyages from London to Helsinki where he stayed in her flat making love and or accompanied her to concerts, he asks Maria to marry him but he is devastated when she refuses.Though she says she loves him and still wants him to come to her flat,  it is his Englishness which prevents her from saying yes. She will not marry him if this means leaving Finland. Though angry and bewildered, James lets their relationship drift on. One summer when James has been taken to see Maria's parents, Maria announces she is pregnant and in due course has her baby. Then out of the blue tragedy strikes.
This is the story of one man’s descent into depression after tragedy strikes, his anger at other people trying to help and his redemption in the arms of somebody who admired the dedication of other people who try to help. It explores the question of whether a person can really be saved after a devastating loss especially of somebody that person loves deeply? Does not their world and the will to live end?

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